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Jim and Bec in Charleston


Jim and Becky Byous travel the USA to record the history of the people and places they meet and visit along the highways and backroads of America.

Rebecca Harrison Byous is a native of Georgia who was raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  A writer and photographer she also has decades of wedding and event planning experience.  In 2009, she founded the event that became Weddings for Warriors, Inc., an organization of citizen volunteers and donors from the wedding, hospitality and transportation industries who provide free weddings and vow renewals to active duty military.  Over 200 military couples, mostly those renewing their wedding vows, have benefited from the generosity of the people and businesses across America from Georgia to Texas to Colorado.  It has been estimated that the value of the vow-renewals and wedding gifted exceeded $3 million over nine years.

Jim Byous is a historian, writer, photographer, researcher and scientist.  His work has been published in Time Magazine, New York Times, LA Times, Der Spiegel, Paris Match and many other magazines and newspapers.  He has worked as a writer, photographer, graphics editor and illustrator for newspapers, magazines and institutions across the USA.  His studies on the physicalities of Hertzian fractures have been studied worldwide and is the author of the first comprehensive glossary on the topic, The Hertzian Cone Glossary.

Jim and Becky met on July 20, 1969, the day Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon.  They were married one year and five days later.  They have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

If you need a writer, photographer, historical researcher please contact Jim or Becky: jbyous@jbyous.com or visit my site www.jbyouscompany.com.


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