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Southeastern Bound

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Jim and Bec in Charleston

Two Boomers travel the USA looking for realistic, low-cost places in interesting and historic places.  The have traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific finding hidden, less-known sites that inspire stories and pictures.

​Jim Byous writes about travel and history with a Southeastern perspective. In his life he has been a cowboy, a construction worker, a fireman, a janitor, a journalist and photojournalist and now a historian/traveler. “I’ve had many jobs and done many things,” he says.  “But, I’ve always had a passion for history.” An expert in the history of Savannah, Georgia, he tends to write “a bit more on that topic.”  However, he love to travel and tell others about what he and Becky has seen, “through the eyes of an old guy.”

​Rebecca Harrison Byous, aka Becky, aka The Beckster, is much younger, and is a native of Georgia who was raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  A writer and photographer she she founded Weddings for Warriors, Inc., an organization of citizen volunteers who provide free weddings and vow renewals to active duty military.  She shares Jim’s love of history and finding interesting stories to tell.

​They travel with their blog-writing Chihuahua, Gus, and review pet friendly businesses including restaurants that have gluten free menus from a mature view of the world.


Jim in Panama
Jim in Panama, 1998.

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Never Look Back: A Fathers Day reflection on what “they” say.

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A guest blog from an old friend –

Never look back?  Not so true.

Looking back? Never look back? Well… not so true.

They – whoever they may be – say to never look back.  That is unwise and illogical.  Look back, always check behind you — that is your vulnerable and blind spot.  But, don’t do it continually.  Reflect on what you have done, the good points and the bad.  Build on the past rather than live in in.  Learn from it.  Always look back and analyze what you’ve done.  If it’s bad, throw it out and refuse to repeat it.  If it’s good, repeat it.

They like to say, “don’t live in the past.”  This is partially true… partially.  Learn to live ON the past, not IN the past.  The correct term is, “Don’t dwell on the past.”  If you didn’t do something… it’s done, it’s gone.  If it was good for you there will be another opportunity.  If it wasn’t then there is no loss.

They also say, “It’s better to regret something that you did than to regret what you did not do.”  That is complete and utter bull crap.  Always regret the things that you did wrong, but only to a point.  Deal with it and move on.  You, your character and your view on life are what you have experienced, what you’ve gleaned from that experience and how you apply it to your life.

Try to live for today with an eye on the future.  Watch for things coming; the next fork in the road, the next hill or mountain, the next opportunity.  However, occasionally look back to see what can hurt you as you travel down the road.

You were born at the correct and right time.  There is a purpose and a reason for your existence.  Don’t squander the challenges and gifts that you have been given, the good nor the bad.  Use them. Use the experiences.  Use the mistakes.  They are your weapons cache — your library of wisdom.

You get only one ride on this carousel called life.  Make it a good ride.  Make it a good ride for those around you.  Make it a good ride for those who follow.

– A.T. Dowd

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