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Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah, Georgia’s Bonaventure Cemetery, once was a weekend destination for picnics and weekend outings, had its own trolley station.  Today the site is also known as the

1 1 Grave of Johnny Mercer in Boneventure P1030137.jpg

A carnation marks the grave of Johnny Mercer.

Garden of Good and Evil after a book was published on the city’s odd characters of the 1970s.  Today the necropolis is a tourist stop featuring the final resting places of the city’s notable people from history like the grave of songwriter and lyricist, Johnny Mercer.

1 1 Bonaventure P1030047.jpg

A monument watches over graves among the oaks and Spanish moss.

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Cripple Creek

1 1 1 Criple creek 32b.jpg

Main Street in Cripple Creek, Colorado after a rain.

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