And one last time… Butterfly Country

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By Jim Byous

Yosemite as you have never experienced…

Here is a group of Butterfly Country cartoons from the ’80s that I call the Golf Series.  Unless I find a few more in storage these are the last of the strip samples that I still have.  Again, these are from a group of cartoons that were considered by several news syndicates…… and from which I received a resounding, fervent and unanimous, “NO!”

As for the game.  Golf, that is.  I once played golf… all the other times I hacked at a small white ball in manners that cannot be categorized as technically “playing” golf.  I am still paying “divot” penalty fees to several courses in the West.  They all agreed to take payments if I would avoid their facilities.  Years ago I gave up the game at the request of… well… everyone that had ever walked the links with me.  I also received a few requests from others that, merely passing afar, took the initiative to contact me anonymously and affirm the need for my disengagement from the activity.  It was for them alone and en mass that I quit… that and the rude, threatening, golf-spike-pinned notes that mysteriously appeared on my front door.

So, here’s my take on the game of golf by way of Vinicent Buckley and Amos Alonzo in Butterfly Country.  The content, events, and personages of these drawings are fiction and in no way reflect actual events currently or in history.  Likewise, the scenes depicted here did not happen to me… No, really.  But, there was that one time at Augusta…

– JBe 1 golf series sm

e 2 golf series sm

e 4 golf series sm

e 3 golf series sm

e 5 golf series sm

e 6 golf series sm


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